A4G 2023 preparation in full swing! Come join us!

A4G 2023 preparation in full swing! Come join us!

On 28 October 2023, we will hold our flagship event - Aviation 4 Girls in Amsterdam at the Amsterdam University of Applied Science, Jakoba Mulder Building, Amstel Campus HvA (Wibautstraat 2-6, 1091 GC Amsterdam). The theme of the event is “Reach for the Skies: Empowering Young People in STEM and Aviation Careers”. The idea is to have fun and educational events for around 100+ girls and boys, ages 15-18. Part of the event will be streamed live and offered to schools as part of their STEM curriculum. 

We have already partnered with several industry names, such as AERO, AIS Flight Academy, Amsterdam Aviation Academy, Diamond Aircraft, Dronemasters, EASA, EBAA, Elixir AircraftEPAN, Euroavia, EUROCONTROL, GAMA, HvA, MPS, Skyguide, Vives, Wingsforaid, Women on Board/KLM.


Save the date and reach out to us if you have any questions. We cannot wait to see you in Amsterdam on 28 October 2023! The event will take place from 09:30 until 14:00:

09:00 - 09:30 Registration

09:30 -10:00 Official opening and welcome by Nargis Zamaray (AviAll President) and Meiltje de Groot (CEO Groningen Airport)

10:00-12:30 Activities for young people

12:30-13:30 Lunch sponsored by our partners

13:30-14:00 Farewell from AviAll and our host HvA

Activities planned for the day are amazing this year and we cannot wait to share the joy of aviation with you! See below what we have planned!

Ishka and AviAll in talks with five industry leaders

AviAll and Ishka came together one more time to prepare and deliver an outstanding discussion titled: Cutting through the fog - aviation leaders demystifying diversity and inclusion. This session is a special complimentary Ishka Original that is open to all and available to view on our digital events Ishka+ platform.

The Aviation 4 Girls (A4G) event 2022: “The New Now - You are the Future of Aviation”

AviAll and Ishka panel on Diversity and Inclusion

Enhanced innovation and corporate performance are recognised benefits of increasing diversity and inclusion in the aviation industry. Over the last decade, a growing number of D&I initiatives have emerged to champion underrepresented groups in the sector.

On June 29th 2022, Aviation for All and Ishka brought together an impressive group of panellists to discuss the work of various diversity groups within aviation featuring:

  • - Nargis Zamaray, Founder, Aviation for All
  • - Leslie Kurshan, Managing Director, Aircraft Finance Insurance Consortium (AFIC), Marsh Global Credit Specialties Practice
  • - Alex Bristol, CEO, Skyguide (Swiss Air Navigation Services)
  • - Daniel Rüdel, Vice President, European Pride in Aviation Network
The Future of Work

The Future of Work

Upcoming Trends in Workplace Inclusion

(Event from Catalyst)


Ensuring European aviation is more gender balanced

Ensuring European aviation is more gender balanced

European aviation is working to improve gender balance in the industry. Since 2018, EUROCONTROL has been actively promoting diversity and gender in its HR processes and internally with our staff, and working with partner organizations to try to make a difference.


Luchtvaart moet aantrekkelijker worden voor vrouwen – Interview

Luchtvaart moet aantrekkelijker worden voor vrouwen – Interview

De luchtvaart is nog grotendeels een mannenwereld met overeenkomstige mores. Daar willen Sannie Bombeeck (opleidingsmanager Aviation Academy van de Hogeschool van Amsterdam) en Nargis Zamaray (docent bij diezelfde opleiding) verandering in brengen. Ze hebben het Nederlandse chapter van Women in Aviation (WIA) opgericht.


Girls in Aviation Day 2019 Reaches 20,000 Attendees

Girls in Aviation Day 2019 Reaches 20,000 Attendees

With 118 individual events presented worldwide, Women in Aviation International’s October 5 Girls in Aviation Day 2019 reached approximately 20,000 attendees. Truly an international event, Girls in Aviation Day was celebrated not just in the United States but in 17 other countries in Canada and Australia as well as countries in Africa, Asia, and Europe.


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