AviAll and Ishka panel on Diversity and Inclusion

AviAll and Ishka panel on Diversity and Inclusion

AviAll and Ishka panel on Diversity and Inclusion

Enhanced innovation and corporate performance are recognised benefits of increasing diversity and inclusion in the aviation industry. Over the last decade, a growing number of D&I initiatives have emerged to champion underrepresented groups in the sector.

On June 29th 2022, Aviation for All and Ishka brought together an impressive group of panellists to discuss the work of various diversity groups within aviation featuring:

  • - Nargis Zamaray, Founder, Aviation for All
  • - Leslie Kurshan, Managing Director, Aircraft Finance Insurance Consortium (AFIC), Marsh Global Credit Specialties Practice
  • - Alex Bristol, CEO, Skyguide (Swiss Air Navigation Services)
  • - Daniel Rüdel, Vice President, European Pride in Aviation Network


Discussions in this special two-part session focussed on key issues the industry needs to address including how the industry can shift its culture to be more diverse and inclusive and overlaps between different diversity groups. Posing the question of whether greater alignment and collaboration amongst the various advocacy groups is warranted and could expedite change, the panellist expressed their views, opinions and experiences, and shared their key lessons learnt.

The first session is available on the Ishka+ platform ➜ https://plus.ishkaglobal.com/Play?id=661&type=MediaContent

The second session is now also available and can be viewed on the Ishka+ platform ➜ https://plus.ishkaglobal.com/Play?id=696&type=MediaContent

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