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Shout out to Zanthe, the latest addition to the AviAll family!

Shout out to Zanthe, the latest addition to the AviAll family!

Zanthe Jordine is a 21 years old student at Middle Georgia State University finishing her Bachelor’s degree in Aviation Science and Management. She is from the beautiful Island of Jamaica and moved to the United States in 2018. Since then she has been working her way into the aviation industry, with joy, resilience, and a smile on her face! 

Zanthe is very family oriented and loves to travel and experience the amazing things the world has to offer. She loves the thrill of doing things against all odds and turning the doubters and no-sayer’s into congratulations and admiration. With this attitude, we can tell you, she is truly one of us.

It was at the Florida Institute of Technology that she was truly introduced to the world of flying and pursuing a career as a pilot. She moved to  Middle Georgia State University and started to think about the impact she wanted to have in the world. She took action and became a more involved member of the aviation community, networked, and became the Social Media Chair of Middle Georgia State’s chapter of the Organization of Black Aerospace Professionals.

She is excited to begin her journey with AviAll. Her goals of contributing to the aviation industry and guiding those coming behind her align well with AviAll. AviAll is proud to have Zanthe in our communication team and provide her with a platform to work in a diverse team, inspire others and develop the best version of herself.

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