New DEI Alliance with Ishka

New DEI Alliance with Ishka

New DEI Alliance with Ishka

Ishka is delighted to announce a new Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Alliance with @AviAll, an NGO devoted to bringing DEI to the aviation industry.

Ishka is committed to delivering an international portfolio of events which is environmentally sustainable, economically and socially responsible and to play our part to pave the way for diversity, equity and inclusion within aviation finance.

As such, we are eager to facilitate and promote diversity of culture, gender, age, race, orientation, and experience at our events both as speakers and delegates. AviAll promotes and strengthens the contribution of their members in all aviation and aerospace career fields by connecting, engaging and inspiring.

AviAll empowers their members to bring who they are to the table to help shape cultural movements and moments in the aviation industry; as diversity of all types, equity and inclusion enhance vibrant work culture and help deliver stronger business results. AviAll believes there is a world in which the aviation industry is diverse and inclusive for all.

In sharing a common goal of facilitating DEI within the aviation industry we hope that in joining forces we will be able to have greater impact for developments.

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