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Meet Arash, one of our newest members!

Meet Arash, one of our newest members!

We are growing!

AviAll is getting stronger and stronger by day. Recently we attracted two young individuals to join our forces and become our members. Joining the AviAll community was not enough for them; they also wanted to actively support us. 

Meet Arash (20), a student studying aviation operations at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. He is in his third year of studies.

He has been involved in one way or the other with the aviation world for a long time. He has made a lot of friends due to plane spotting, an activity that he has been doing for the past five years. In February, he joined an aviation news website called AviationSource News. He has also attended a couple of aviation-related events, such as the World Aviation Festival in October 2022 where he met Nargis Zamaray, the president of AviAll. Few weeks later, he became a member of AviAll and got actively involved in the AviAll's communication and membership teams. He is a part of a small team that is coming up with cool and interesting events and activities to inspire the next generation of aviation enthusiasts, such as himself. He thoroughly enjoys his work for AviAll and he would like to invite you to join him and become a part of the AviAll family.

P.S. in case you are wondering, he supports Toluca FC (Mexico).



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