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Meet Pauline, one of our newest members!

Meet Pauline, one of our newest members!

We are growing!

AviAll is getting stronger and stronger by day. Recently we attracted two young individuals to join our forces and become our members. Joining the AviAll community was not enough for them; they also wanted to actively support us. 

Meet Pauline (23) who recently graduated as a Biological Psychologist. She is currently looking for a job within the aviation industry after having worked as a cabin crew for over three years. Pauline benefited from one of our mentoring sessions with a Board Member. This session provided her with the career guidance and a wider range of options to explore.

Apart from having access to such a broad network of aviation professionals, she is actively involved in the AviAll’s day to day operation. As a key part of our Membership team, she is working on our membership strategy, social media visibility, and is also a Chair of the selection committee for an upcoming competition (you will hear more about this very soon!). In her own words: "It is great fun, I am learning loads and I get to add valuable skills to my resume. I am very grateful for the opportunity of joining such an inspiring organisation and I'm looking forward to welcoming you on board too!”.

So if you want to become a part of our community and work with Pauline and other members of AviAll become our member here and specify your areas of interest. We will welcome you on board!

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