EUROCONTROL Forecast 2022-2024

Gender balance in aviation

Sarah Wilkin, founder and CEO of Fly Green Alliance (FGA), was a recent guest at the Sustainability Aerospace & Defence Pioneers podcast by the legal firm, Bird&Bird, where she talked about her underlying motivations for setting up FGA.

Amongst these was the life long desire to set up her own business, to gain seniority and a career after being freelance for many years, and on an aspirational level to be able work from anywhere in the world. However, an additional main motivation was to improve the gender balance in leadership roles in aviation and tech.

Even in 2021, the CEO line-up for all the airline CEOs didn’t include women, so I just saw that in aviation we did need to accelerate all of the gender balance work. It became an important reason that I set up FGA, just to have a different perspective, maybe a bit more female leadership, and to bring a different way…..and open up the industry to more diversity.”

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