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AviAll signs Aligned Values Agreement with EPAN

AviAll signs Aligned Values Agreement with EPAN

AviAll – Aviation for All and EPAN - European Pride In Aviation Network have signed an Agreement of Aligned Values that stipulates two associations working closely together in the future by forming a strong partnership for inclusion and diversity in the aviation industry. Both organisations share the belief that the acceptance of all aspects of diversity, especially including sexual orientation and gender identity, throughout the aviation industry is a key factor for individual freedom and safety.

“This agreement and future partnership with EPAN will provide benefits to both of our associations, our members and the network, by expanding the knowledge, rising awareness on D&I topics as well as providing support which is always needed.” said the Nargis Zamaray President of AviAll. “Working together on common goals is necessary and uniting all D&I organisations around the European aviation industry is essential to creating a better and more inclusive environment for everybody in aviation.”

“Working closely with other organisations such as AviAll and sharing common goals will bring advantages to both organisations. Our partnership with AviAll enables a more wholistic and intersectional approach to inclusion and diversity, ultimately enabling overlapping work to be done together and thus more effectively.” said Zac Brown, President of EPAN. “EPAN is looking forward to also providing expertise specifically relating to LGBTQIA+ topics.”

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