Our second panelist is Ms Ruth Lopian from the European Commission

AviAll supports the EC's Women in Transport (WiT)

AviAll supports the EC's Women in Transport (WiT)

18 April 2023 the EU Commission Women in Transport (WiT) “Platform for Change”, held an online meeting with all its members and collaborators. Aviation for All was there, represented by Antonio Gonzalez-Gomez, discussing with the broad array of panelists about “Recruiting and Retainment” in the wider transport sector.

Aviation for All presented its involvement this year in the EUROCAE’s working group on the Next Generation of Aviation Professionals. The topic of engagement, support with mentoring, and constant connection between training, education and industry, was at the forefront of AviAll's input. We believe that this is so vital if aviation wants to be at the cutting edge of the next technological advancements, sparked a lot of attention and agreement from all the rest of the participants.

Aviation for All was afterwards formerly invited to be a standing member of the platform WiT. So watch this space for more news in June!

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